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BOMBA PICTURES holds a mirror to our ever changing world by generating honest and compelling storytelling for both, film and television.

Whether through true-crime stories like, "The Laundry Man"; thrillers like "Tunnel"; or immigration dramas like, "Philadelphia Freedom"; BOMBA PICTURES' single aim is to craft true-to-life stories that viewed through a fresh and new lens, expose our viewers to a myriad of unexpected new realities constantly developing around them.

The world will never stop evolving. Neither will our content.


As a specialty arm of BOMBA PICTURES, “SIDELINES” was born out of a strong commitment to the making of socially relevant content.


To that end, “SIDELINES” has partnered with with MSquared Entertainment to develop “A Place of Only Sky”, the true story of the Aboke Girls Abduction, and “The Chase”, an X-treme reality show geared toward the celebration of true heroism; and with 44 FILMS for the development of "BOLERO" a border drama dealing with love for country and immigration. 


BOMBA SIDELINES is also engaged in the development of two web docu-series - "CORONA-GATE I & II" and "AMERICA TAKES A KNEE" - to shed a light on America's current health and socio-political crises - and collaborated with SANAN MEDIA to develop two films, “Descent into Sleep” and “Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code”, both exhibited at The Science Museum of Virginia and The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., respectively.


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